Monday, August 27, 2007

Firescape update

I've had some random annuals rotting away in their pots in the front yard, so I decided to just plant them in some pots on the fire escape.

There were also some homeless Sempervivum (hirta 'Histoni'and heuffelii 'Jowan')...

and 'Fuzzy Wuzzy'!


How did I get so lucky?

Humility in my garden

Not a Bigfoot...

This morning, while taking the dogs out, I noticed... A fully grown, absolutely perfect... CUCUMBER! It still had it's blossom attached so I only missed it because I was away for a little while... not because I wasn't paying attention! Yes, it is definitely a cucumber vine dominating the privet in my front yard!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Urban Sprawl

I planted 3 oddball vines I started from seed in the front corner of the garden, under the privet, almost as a means to keep from throwing them in the trash. They all did a little bit of something, until lately when the cucumber took off. Now it is a menace to the small plot! It's all over anything it can get it's tendrils on! I was wondering what to do when I noticed one bloom had been pollinated!

I have to admit, I've been thinking this was a luffa gourd since it took so long to show fruit... Slightly disappointed, but hey, it's growing (and causing quite a sensation among the neighbors!)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

NYC Garden Peeks

These pictures are from a job down in the Financial District. I love the clean lines of this terrace....

I'm so curious what the pound per square foot allowance is on this roof because this sculpture is large and appears to be solid stone. Notice the espalier apple trees are fruiting!

Some kid is super lucky to have this playhouse on their terrace!

Community Garden Spoils

After a long absence from my community garden plot, I was pleasantly surprised to discover some ripe cucumbers and peppers. These are golden cayenne peppers, also some butternut was looking very pickable...