Saturday, March 10, 2007


I am thinking that I am going to put the composter on the fire
escape, so I am looking for something small and completely sealed (I
don't think the landlord would be too thrilled to have compost tea
dripping down their windows! Or to have rats visiting...) I am set on the tumbler type for their efficiency and usually they have a reserve on the bottom where
you can siphon off compost tea!

This looked so cute but then when I saw it full size it was really big and more like a scary pear from a theme park.
The website was also in Spanish, so I was lost!

This one looks cool but not really my style... Too fancy or something... "TheBluePlanetSMART ’s round shape
gives it a surface/volume ratio that is smaller than for any other
shape. The smaller the ratio, the less the impact of heat loss on the
total heat generated and the faster the decomposition."

This is a Happy Farmer Bokashi composter. "Bokashi" means "fermented organic matter" in Japanese, so this type of composter is actually a fermenter
which produces a nutrient rich soil conditioner, as well as a liquid
compost tea that can also be used to clear kitchen/bathroom drains! You
sprinkle a microbe inoculated sawdust and bran mix with your kitchen
scraps (including meat and dairy), filling the entire unit, and two
weeks it is ready! Odorless and amazing, it could easily fit under the
kichen sink.

This is the composter I am leaning towards... A
very basic tumbler.
They market it as "THE ENVIROCYCLE COMPOST/COMPOSTEAMAKER IS PERFECT FOR TODAY'S HECTIC URBAN LIFE STYLE." The "hectic" part is not so appealing but it is GREAT!


onemonkeyshow said...

Growing up in Central Ohio - my grandparents always had a huge compost bin hidden behind the pine trees in the backyard. When I would visit, it was a daily ritual to take out our banana peals and the coffee grounds in the morning after breakfast. I can't wait until I have space to plant things eventually here in NYC - I love the idea of a small compost bin. Thanks for the info!!

Carolyn said...

I own this compost bin and I think it's great. It's easy to turn, keeps out critters and the tea holder at the base is a bonus. There's a photo of it on my blog.