Sunday, March 4, 2007

My Front Yard

So this is my little front yard... Actually, this is the privet hedge in my little front yard! One of the first things to happen here is going to be wacking this beast back to about a third of its current size. When we moved in last October it was looking a bit sad and tired, so I'd like to give it a fresh start. It seems a good time to prune privet is late winter - so NOW!

I will also be taking out at least a dozen rubble bags of soil... These gardens often have very stale soil with little to no anaerobic activity. And the dog downstairs is old and pees in it. I have a big bag of supa dupa worm castings (with some babies inevitably riding along) to spread and will get more compost to mix in. Beside the privet there are 2 mystery hydrangea that I ruthlessly cut back to an inch and some purple bearded iris. These will be transplanted if they survive...

We face East with a huge London Plane Tree in front of our neighbor's house, (it is barely in the very top left of this picture) so it shades our yard a bit too... I'd take a big beautiful warrior street tree and a shady yard any day over a sunny yard with no tree! I love our tree! So the one definate plan is to plant a tree in the yard in honor of our landlord's mom, who passed away last year, probably a Japanese maple of some sort. Other than that...? Since I have obsessive compulsive plant disorder there will be a lot of randoms, but probably along a native plant theme. I like to think that when Babylon falls the right plants will be in the right places to reclaim the Earth! However, with the current global warming trend who knows!

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