Sunday, March 18, 2007

Look what's blooming!

From this....

To this! I LOOOVE amaryllis! These two are from the same batch from last year and are really stunning! The amazing week of bloom is worth the six months they spend recouping in the storage unit. I have four but only two decided to send up bloom shoots this year. I am thinking of sprinkling the no-shows with some bulb-tone. There is one I really want to bloom because it is a mini.

I freaked out at Whole Foods last week when I walked in and saw the seed carousel set up all full of seed packets. There is something so special to me about seed packets - like little presents. So much can come from so little! When I got home and laid them out to admire them, I realized I got all vines! I guess they will be going out on the fire escape!

It was funny because the same day I bought these vine seeds (Gourd Hard-shelled Corsican, Hyacinth Bean Vine "Ruby Moon" and Moonflower) my coworker Luke brought me some white wisteria seeds from a job he had been spring cleaning. I save all sorts of seed heads and pods from wherever I find them, usually at work, nurseries or public gardens (when no one's looking!) to use in my own personal guerrilla gardening efforts in my neighborhood. I only sow these seeds in abandoned lots, empty planters... I even heaved our Halloween stoop pumpkin over a chain link fence in the middle of the night hoping it might sprout!

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