Sunday, June 10, 2007

Annual Arrangements

These usually end up consisting of my favorites... Below is Tithonia, Amsonia, Euphorbia "Diamond Frost" and Callibrachoa in the terra cotta shade.

Here is a funny one because I mixed two of my little pepper plants in with Tithonia, Amsonia, Bulbine and a sweet potato vine. This was the last one planted - it has all of the odd balls in it - there's also a passionflower vine in the back!

This is a "Texan" sage with something I forget the name of with the tubular flowers and a cardinal climber vine that was growing all out of control! And Euphorbia "Diamond Frost" again.

This is what happens when you plant Verbaena bonariensis - it drops seeds everywhere and the next year you have a forest of it!

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