Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One of my current installs

This is a very big job I fell into at work this past winter. My company has had this account since 2004, but very little has happened since the building is very strict (no construction noise until after May 15th...etc) and plans have had to go through many routes of approval. It is three large terraces, which were fully landscaped, but were extremely overgrown and in disrepair when my client bought the penthouse. She fought the building (weight on the rooftop is always an issue) to get the mature trees grandfathered into the new design, and since then, my company has had to take some massive pruning measures, as in, pruning with a saws-all... I have major issues with the McDonald's playland red pavers the building installed, but sometimes you have to work around what you are given. So, the exact fire code ratio of wood-to-concrete has been met by removing said pavers and replacing with at-grade decking. The client LOVES French country and lattice so that is what she got!

Two in one planter... it's an urban forest!

The Crecis "Forest Pansy" and Lagerstoemia "Miami" are the only new trees/shrubs. EVERYTHING else is recycled, and I had such major doubts about the motley crew of Junipers, Viburnum, etc. that I had to incorporate into this design... But after some extreme root and top pruning I think it came out really nicely... A little bit Dr. Seuss, but I think those trees will be happy!

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