Saturday, June 16, 2007

My amazing new bike!

My friend Luke, always a hero, got me this great bike from one of his clients who didn't want it anymore. It was all rusted and the tires were flat, but after some convincing that it was worth it, the snobby bike mechanics on Lafayette hooked it up with new chains, brakes, tires, a seat, a hardcore lock and even a bell!

She even made her maiden voyage as my bike, across the Manhattan bridge, with a sedum in the basket! Maybe her name could be Sempervivum.

I just love my new bike!


onemonkeyshow said...

WOO HOO! I love your new bike as well. And I know the feeling - I just got a new bike 2 weeks ago! It's great to be able to get on it and just go!

jennbecluv said...

Bikes unite! I'm going to be participating in an urban farm bike tour this summer. I think biking and growing go together so well...that's why I do it every day! Now if only I had an amazing bridge to cross and a cool basket to fill with plants. :)