Friday, April 13, 2007

Better Late Than Never

I was very excited to start some seeds at work yesterday! I am going to use a light set-up there and get a timer so it will go on and off automatically. Believe it or not, seed starting soil is very difficult to find in Manhattan (Jiffy peat pots were the closet I could find, and they never work for me) so my sweet boyfriend brought me a bag at work that he got out in Brooklyn.

I think I must have sounded a little bit stressed out about the urgency of starting these seeds before the weekend because he also brought me this:

(those are lotus pods!)

I was able to get my seeds in dirt and they are germinating over the weekend. On Monday I will put them under the lights! I planted a whole lot of different peppers, cucumbers, gourds, flowers... 2 trays worth! Then I got home and found a secret stash of seeds here! So I'll do another tray on Monday...

My co-worker, Jose, found a box of bulbs that didn't get planted last fall, so I took the daffodils. They've been sitting withering on our dining table for a couple of weeks (hoping they would not go to the compost heap), so I planted them in an old plant box on the fire escape that the former tenant had left behind. First I mixed in a bunch of sandy soil from an old succulent pot so they don't get too wet and turn to mush.

Incentive: if you grow and bloom, I will transplant you into the front garden!

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