Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Sixpoint Rooftop Garden

One of my most exciting personal urban gardening projects is the rooftop at my boyfriend's brewery, Sixpoint Craft Ales. It was already hardscaped with decking, built in benches, a bar and an arbor. This is a view of the arbor.

Last year I started a hop farm for the arbor, with a different strain of hops at each support post. These are planted in whiskey barrels accompanied by different ornamental grasses. The race is on and Centennial has taken the lead, Cascade is a close second!

Mmmm... puddle water!

The only real problem is the three cats that live at the brewery, who like to poop in my planters. Someone in my Rock Garden club said that cats don't like mushroom compost. So I am trying to find someone who sells it locally - it is the medium the mushrooms were grown on, not actual mushrooms. My next option is to post the cats on Craig's List as "Free Cats"!


Carolyn said...

Hi fellow Brooklyn gardener. I love the hop farm and will enjoy seeing it take over the arbor. I imagine it'll be smothered by late summer. My boyfriend and I love Sixpoint's beers.

Michael Harlan Turkell said...

I too like puddle water, but for different reasons.