Sunday, April 29, 2007

Urban gardens

This amazing metal planter was scavenged by my old roomie, Rita, and I, on our very industrial block in Bushwick. The super said it was used to catch pieces of fabric as they were cut on big machines. I used it as a planter for various house plants in our apartment. Now it has been relocated to my rooftop garden in Red Hook, where it is a temporary home to last years' skeletal zinnia pots... Soon it will be a rock garden!

I have found some other really clever urban gardening solutions... The Leopoldo City Garden is a very clever design consisting of a recyclable aluminum structure that supports flexible black growing trays of waterproof artificial raffia. It has wheels and comes flat in a bag for easy transport... Brilliant!

Another solution, reminds me of the sand table in nursery school, is the Horturbà (Urban Garden). Made of galvanized steel, it comes equipped with a drain valve and a drip irrigation system!

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Motor said...

Love your blog. My friend sent it to me today. I'm from NY originally but have been in SF now for about 8 years. I have a little garden in the front of our house, soon will try to landscape the troubled backyard as well. But I wanted to share with you what I use for my planters in the front "yard". They are free and if the wood is not "treated" they are non-toxic. Lining them with weed fabric or some such item helps keep the treated ones from leeching.!/photo.php?pid=5661378&id=579297322