Monday, July 23, 2007

Hypertufa update

There is a big difference in the textures of the 2 different batches: the top has more cement, while the bottom is more 'cottage cheesy' with more perlite and spagnum peat in the mix.

Sometimes I just don't know my own strength! The more porous batch also did not have the reinforcing chicken wire layer in the bottom, so drilling the drain holes proved to be too much... One down,three survivors!

The farthest trough is planted with a mishmosh of different succulents that had been laying around. The middle trough has sempervivum "Hens and Chicks". The closest is from top to bottom; Sedum spathulifolium 'Carnea', Sedum nevii and Sedum divergens. Now I just have to sprinkle them with cayenne so the squirrels don't dig into them!


Luke Pryjma said...

for while you work, a tip of the caption: L is for low downerd shamen- air.

Anonymous said...


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