Monday, July 23, 2007

More work stuff

I couldn't believe I found this weeping variety of Cornus Kousa with the same last name as my client, which is not a common name at all! Underplanted with rhododendron, dwarf iris and white blooming fuschia. There is also a climbing Hydrangea vine (Hydrangea anomala) A woody vine that attaches to the mortar between bricks with aerial roots, climbing high and blooming in mid-summer.

These Japanese Maples are so old, inherited from the previous owner, saved for a few years and now finally planted! They flank a hydrangea tree underplanted with more rhododendron and the pink cleome (below).

This Styrax japonicus (Japanese Snowbell) was also a reclaimed specimen, I pruned a lot off the top to compensate for what had been taken off of the rootball... I love it hanging over the edge like this, very Alpine and unexpected... And by unexpected I mean slightly bizarre, but I have faith that it will grow quite nicely into it's new shape.


This is a deciduous, dwarf Magnolia underplanted with lavender and assorted annuals.

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Luke Pryjma said...

its hard out there for a pimpkin red hookless sleeve.