Saturday, July 14, 2007

Work stuff

This weeping Tsuga will always stay low so that it doesn't block the view of Central Park. I stuck some Mandevilla in the back to climb along the railing.

Two steps forward, one step back at one of my design/install jobs... The planting is 90% finished, now I'm just working on details like arbors and cushions for the benches I designed. This was my first time creating and dimensioning a piece of furniture from my imagination, then having it built. And what's so cool is it looks just like my drawing! Great carpenters!! My client's style is very French country, hates modern, loves lattice. The seats are all hinged to create storage for the cushions, also the irrigation controls are hidden under there...

This pine was salvaged from the original garden, new trees are an Amelanchier planted with an evergreen gardenia, and a dwarf evergreen Magnolia, under planted with Perovskia, lavender, lamb's ear and allium.

This Vitex is attracting some big bees from the park!


onemonkeyshow said...

Great photo - I love the big, white flowers against the skyline backdrop. VERY nice!

Luke Pryjma said...

dirty work.