Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Community Garden

There is a lot of room for improvement at the Clifton Place community garden... I do not yet know the history of the lot, but there seems to be a lot of rubble and random junk all over the place. So I decided, rather than dig out all of this rubble, I would just dump the recycled soil from my front yard on top of it and call it great drainage. Anyhow, this is a before picture of the shady side of the lot.

And another...

This is where I weeded and dumped a dozen bags of soil (yes, I haul around really heavy bags of soil for pleasure, at sunset, on a holiday) and planted a bunch of homeless plants that were wasting away in the backyard at work. Mainly hostas, some miscantus, astilbes and a random fern.

Grow plants GROW!

I didn't really know who to consult about this, so I just went ahead. The one guy who I gave money to, in return for a key, didn't really seem to care. So being an impulsive Aries, I just did it. And I think it's great. And it's just the beginning!

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Carolyn said...

Good call - a nice improvement and what a generous way to use those free plants from work!