Tuesday, May 1, 2007

NARGS Annual Chapter Plant Sale

This is our big fundraiser, so if you're local and interested you should come by! Sunday May 6th, 9-11am. The sale will take place in the beautiful courtyard garden behind Merchants House Museum, 29 E. 4th Street between Lafayette and Bowery.

A preview of some plants for sale:

Arisaema ringens

Aquilegia flabellata nana

Podophyllum hexandrum


Xris said...

I just found out about the sale this week, and wrote about it. Unfortunately, I have to be home Sunday morning for the roofer and won't be able to make it.

And it's only two hours! I guess everything sells out quickly?

Eden said...

Hi there!

Great site. Would it be possible to exchange seeds? I live in Sweden and I´m about to create a wonderful garden in my forest. I´ve got loads of seeds that might be of interest. Best regards Isabelle

Krista said...

Good words.