Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gardening Sunday

Today I got to spend a couple of precious free hours in my front yard... I spent most of that time quadrouple digging the front 3rd of the yard, I'm going to work from the sidewalk back. I mixed in all sorts of composts and soil conditioner. When I sent in a soil sample to be analyzed, it came back to be deficient in organic material and phosphorus. I am using Epsoma's Triple Super Phosphate 0-46-0, which comes in a granular form that I broadcast
into the soil. Should get the job done!

I also planted some little things that have been hanging around: asarums,Erythronium, some clumps of iris and daylilies I moved from other parts of the yard to a sunnier location. Tomorrow I have to get a hose!

At the community garden I planted a zucchini and...

..curley parsley and chives I bought at the Farmer's Market in Fort Greene yesterday.

There is nothing pleasanter than spading
when the ground is soft and damp.
- John Steinbeck

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