Monday, May 28, 2007

The front yard - planting

Some major work went on in the shady corner over the weekend, I planted some salvaged sensitive and cinnamon ferns, as well as the large leaf hosta. On a nursery run last week I got a cimicifuga, sambucus racemosa, some mini hostas ("lemon lime" and "Venusta"), and a deciduous azalea I have been coveting for years, Schlippenbachi, "Royal Azalea".
These are some grasses salvaged from a roof top demo job. Also hard to see in this picture are a dwarf cherry and what I am guessing to be a Viburnum, both also salvaged!

I bought this Kalmia latifolia from my company, it was an extra from a job, and it fits perfectly into the corner here!
So here is an "arial" shot from the top of the stoop... All of those bags lined up along the edge are full of soil I've removed from the front section, destined to be fill for rubble filled future raised beds at the community garden.


Xris said...

Nice! Like the plant selections, however providential.

onemonkeyshow said...

Looks great! Even the smallest amount of plant life makes such a dramatic change!