Saturday, May 5, 2007

Progress at the brewery garden

I have been doing some research on my mystery plant and I am pretty sure it is a type of gunnera, aka dinosaur food! I think this variety maxes out at a 2-3' leaf, so it will definitely have to be transplanted some day (soon!)I am hopeful it will create an umbrella effect over the other shade plants, which it seems to be doing. I think it is making "Mouse Ears" hosta (next to it) feel big and tough!

I found fresh cat poo in this planter, and I've been having a hard time locating mushroom compost, so in a moment of motherly panic for my plants, I bought some blood meal at Lowes and sprinkled it around having heard that squirrels don't like it... maybe it goes for cats as well? And yes, as a vegetarian, I have massive quams with blood meal, but I was desperate. First I sprinkled some really great compost around.

This is a gunnera...!

One of the bench side planters planted with tricyrtis, angelica, ostrich fern and hosta "ginko craig"... The other planter is planted with the same and last year I filled in the empty spots with annuals.

This is one of many perennial collection planters. Essentially what happened while I worked at the nursery last spring was plant hording. A delivery came in, I had to have certain plants, then didn't have anywhere to put them, so I would buy a planter and put them on the rooftop. I tried to stick to tough sun lovers! My boyfriend came home and asked me if I was growing asparagus! It is actually baptisia, in with echinacea and some other unrecognizables...

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Xris said...

The big leaf looks like Astilboides tabularis.